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Please note the following members of staff do not have an email address registered with the School Office.

Ali, Imran - N/A
Armstrong, Marilyn Ann - Medicine
Boylan, Jacqueline - N/A
Cairnduff, Victoria - N/A
Close, Ciara Mary - N/A
Coulter, Amanda - N/A
Coyle, Kate - Dentistry
Cunningham, Conor - N/A
Doolan, Katy - N/A
Kunzmann, Andrew - N/A
Maguire, Aideen - N/A
McCartney, George - N/A
McShane, Charlene - N/A
Moore, Kerry - N/A
Morgan, Eileen - N/A
Smith, Oliver - N/A

Total No of Email Addresses listed = 579

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