Welcome to the EIT Food School Network website!

During Year 1 of the project, AZTI Tecnalia, Queen’s University Belfast, Grupo AN, and University of Helsinki have been working in collaboration to meet the overall aim of developing a network that links EIT Food with schools and related stakeholders to promote the exchange of ideas and information. During Year 1, project partners are focusing on pre-schools and schools to improve eating habits and reduce food wastage across Europe, accompanied by network development and the establishment of effective communication channels. We are excited that additional partners will be joining the project for Year 2. So far we have the University of Warsaw and the University of Reading joining the network.

We are happy to share updates from all of our project partners on a regular basis on this website as the project progresses. Please visit our ‘About Us‘ and ‘News‘ sections to find out more.

You can also learn about the wider network EIT Food in a great YouTube video, just click here to watch…