University of Warsaw – cooking show, “healthy eating is fun”!

Researchers at the University of Warsaw have been very busy indeed hosting six cooking shows with primary school pupils in Poland. 59 pupils from Julius Verne Primary attended and prepared snacks, second breakfasts and healthy desserts. Second breakfasts isn’t a term that we use in the UK but in Poland a second breakfast is a mid-morning snack, often a sandwich, that children may take to school in their lunchboxes.

Recipes at the cooking shows were based on unprocessed, vegetarian foods. Pupils had the opportunity to try some foods that previous research shows to be widely disliked – aubergine (eggplant), onion and mushroom.

After food tasting and exchanging experiences on the products, the children sat together and shared some homemade dishes and talked about the meal. An important aspect raised was the identification of satiety before and after the meal i.e. feelings of fullness, satisfaction or hunger. The aim of this part of the workshop was to learn how to eat according to body signals.

The pupils chose what foods they wanted to try and quickly noticed how the group had different tastes and preferences and even that some foods were very different to how they expected them to taste.

The cooking shows were a resounding success, with children showing their willingness to prepare the dishes again. “Healthy eating is fun” was heard from many of the pupils! The recipes used in the cooking shows have been sent to the school, so that teachers, parents and children can continue their culinary education.

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