A chance to get involved – ‘See and Eat’ launch

Researchers at one of our partner universities, University of Reading, have just launched a new project to encourage children to eat their veg! The ‘See and Eat’ study is recruiting parents and toddlers to find out whether e-books can help parents to successfully introduce vegetables into their child’s diet. You can find out more at FoodUnfolded, which contains a link for participation in the study.

Introducing a variety of vegetables to children at a young age can impact on food preferences through familiarity, and studies show that boosting a food’s familiarity through picture books can increase a child’s willingness to taste that food. ‘See and Eat’ e-books on vegetables are available to download at the above link on FoodUnfolded. This is a great way to get involved in research and learn more about food preferences in young children.

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