AZTI’s poster presentation at Pangborn 2019

Edinburgh International Conference Centre

Researchers from one of our Spanish partners, AZTI , attended the Pangborn Symposium to present a poster on the work being carried out by the EIT Food School Network. The Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium is a biannual conference on sensory and consumer science, and this year took place in historic Edinburgh, Scotland.

The 13th Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium brought together leading pioneers and emerging experts in sensory and consumer science, from industry and academia, to give their views and perspectives on how our science will evolve, and how ground-breaking ongoing research and scientific learnings will impact on this journey.

The main topics included:

  • Sensory and consumer science through the lifespan (children, young, elderly)
  • Health
  • Lifestyle and well-being
  • Cross cultural issues
  • Fundamentals of perception
  • Emerging sensory and consumer science methodologies
  • Sensometrics
  • Digital opportunities and big data
  • Next generation retail
  • Global resource challenges

The Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium is a great event at which to discuss AZTI’s work as part of the School Network, which focuses on perceptions of healthy eating, food preferences and neophobic behaviours in primary school aged children. The app Como como yo was developed as a game to engage young children and find out more about their dietary habits, food consumption and perception of healthy food.

AZTI’s poster at Pangborn Symposium

AZTI’s research in this area is ongoing and the app is being developed as a tool that can be widely applied. Pangborn Symposium was an excellent opportunity to disseminate the project activity, establish synergies and network with other research centres carrying out similar activities. Perceptions of and preferences for different foods is such an important research topic in young children, as dietary habits formed at a young age can be maintained through to adulthood. You can find out more about AZTI’s role in this research here.

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