Family recipe contest with AZTI and Grupo AN

EIT Food School Network partners AZTI and Grupo AN, alongside Angulas Aguinaga, have launched a vegetable recipe contest! This competition hopes to inspire the consumption of vegetables within families, reduce the fear of new foods, and encourage healthy eating practices in children.

Watch the video on how to get involved here or copy and paste this link into your browser (Spanish)

How to enter: An adult and a child must send details of a recipe they have prepared as a team, using at least two vegetables as ingredients. You must document your adventure with photographs to be able to win fabulous prizes!

You can find the entry form here or copy and paste this link into your browser (Spanish)

Both simple and elaborate recipes are welcome, so get creative! This contest focuses on the active role of families in promoting healthy food consumption in children, as parents act as role models for their child’s dietary behaviours. AZTI aims to fight neophobia, which is the extreme or irrational fear or dislike of something new or unfamiliar, in this case a new food. We can do this by early and repeated offering of new foods to a child. Cooking and creating new recipes with vegetables helps a child to accept these foods.

A contest like this also reduces the resistance that some parents can face when introducing vegetables into their child’s diet.

AZTI promotes the importance of playful practice and the involvement of children in the preparation of family meals. This is a fundamental starting point on the road to healthy eating.

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