The ‘ASSIST’ platform

ASSIST is an interactive web platform aimed at improving family eating habits. It provides free expert and customised nutrition guidance addressing purchasing behaviour, opinions, preferences and attitudes towards food.

Check out the website here. It comes with an App for Android and IOS.

The tool was developed by AZTI, an artificial intelligence company, AiTalentum, the food cooperative AN Group, and the universities of Turin and Helsinki.

After signing up for free and downloading the App, you can:

  • access useful information and recommendations through articles written by experts
  • participate in surveys gathering perspectives on food-related topics
  • interact with other families in forums
  • learn more about your grocery shopping behaviours by receiving a customised analysis of your supermarket receipts

“ASSIST” applies machine learning intelligence and social research methodologies to extract in-depth knowledge of consumers, specifically families with children, and customize the recommended eating habits for each profile, making the actions taken towards a healthier lifestyle more efficient and successful” (Elena Santa Cruz, head of the project at AZTI New Foods department).

ASSIST will also be of interest to the food industry, as it will provide crucial knowledge about consumer behaviour and preferences. Santa Cruz explains: “knowing deeper the concerns of families will allow companies in the food industry to more efficiently profile their targets, design new foods or adapt their current portfolio, with reliable information and dynamic data that responds to current trends. ASSIST intelligence will promote an increase in profits, something that is welcome in the current scenario of uncertainty”.

The ASSIST platform and its App are the latest addition to the portfolio of services and solutions that the Sensory and Consumer Science Laboratory dedicates to the food industry.

The web platform enables anonymous data collection and a trustworthy analysis for the development of prediction models. Machine learning intelligence will facilitate food-related decision-making, promote healthier lifestyles, measure consumer trust, and forget more targeted and effective food education campaigns.

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