AZTI’s online workshop to generate ideas on promoting healthy eating in children

On 21 and 22 October, AZTI organised an online workshop to respond to the challenges faced in promoting healthy eating in children and reducing food waste within the family environment and schools. The event was attended by experts from the food industry, public institutions, non-governmental organizations, education, academia, and health sciences.

The online format of the workshop allowed the use of innovative and collaborative digital tools and participation from all over Spain.

Elena Santa Cruz, head of AZTI’s EIT Food School Network project said: “Holding the workshop online has been both a challenge and an opportunity, to connect with organisations and people committed to healthy eating for children, throughout Spain”.

The workshop had two parts. In the first session, the results and activities of the School Network project in Spain and Europe were presented. Prestigious speakers from the fields of education, public administration, and the food industry also spoke about their signature and successful projects and interacted with the workshop participants.

The workshop brought together key agents in child nutrition, to get to know more about different initiatives, what they learnt. The first session encouraged the dialogue and invited families and other actors involved in this challenge, to dialogue at the same table”.

In the second session, the workshop participants learned new creativity techniques through design thinking, specifically co-creation methodologies. They generated ideas and projects related to healthy environments for school canteens, increasing the consumption of fruits and vegetables, influencing satiety, and reducing food waste.

One of the participants from education told us: “We received practical training (within a virtual environment), with innovative content, and with professionals who knew how to transmit the information from an informative-motivating vision. Furthermore, to participate in a session to generate ideas together with other stakeholders was an opportunity to work together on solutions, and to observe the problem from different perspectives”.

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