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AZTI Tecnalia

At AZTI, we are experts in the Food value chain. We develop sustainable products, services and business initiatives aimed at activating the industrial make-up while recovering and preserving natural resources. Transforming science into sustainable and healthy development for society today and in the future is our hallmark.

AZTI have collaborated, under the leadership of the Department of Public Health of the Basque Country, in the program of Initiatives for Healthy Eating in Euskadi.

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Grupo AN

Grupo AN is one of the most important agri-food cooperatives in Spain that operates in the markets of cereals, fruits and vegetables, poultry, pigs, oil, wine, feed, agricultural supplies (seeds, phytosanitary products, fertilizers), fuels, spare parts and tools. Grupo AN products have a great presence not only in Spain, but in more than seventy countries.

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Queen’s University Belfast, Centre for Public Health

The Centre for Public Health sits within the School of Medicine, Dentistry & Biomedical Sciences and develops high quality research programmes involving close collaboration between clinical experts and scientists with skills in biochemistry, epidemiology, genetics and statistics. In addition, the Centre actively participates in research networks throughout the UK and Europe. The overarching mission of our research is to advance the health of the public at a regional, national and international level, by increasing knowledge and influencing clinical and public health practice and policy.

Our research interests are focused on health and common chronic disease, with the aim of generating scientific knowledge that can be translated into improvements in the health of our population, patient care and public policy.

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University of Helsinki, Department of Food and Nutrition

Department of Food and Nutrition in the University of Helsinki carries out high quality research with two key areas: food production chains (i.e., food processing and packaging technology) and food quality and healthy nutrition (i.e., the impact of food constituents and their properties on healthiness). Factors associated with the food choice and the impact of diet in sustaining health are also important.

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University of Warsaw, Faculty of Psychology

The Faculty of Psychology in the University of Warsaw combines modern scientific thought with a rich tradition in Poland. The faculty has a wealth of experience in research into child welfare and psycho-dietetics and a well-established network with schools.

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