AZTI Tecnalia

At AZTI, we are experts in the Food value chain. We develop sustainable products, services and business initiatives aimed at activating the industrial make-up while recovering and preserving natural resources. Transforming science into sustainable and healthy development for society today and in the future is our hallmark.

As part of the EIT Food School Network, we have developed the sensory methodology to determinate the nutritional and hedonic perception of children about meals in school canteens. Our first step was to develop an innovative tool (as a game). AZTI and Grupo AN are collaborating in the validation of sensory methodology in schools. Our second step is to improve childrens’ health behaviour and activities such as show cooking will take place within schools. The workplan will include engagement with key stakeholders including pupils, schools, food services companies and chefs and the Department of Education that collaborate with the planned activities. This activity will be joint to regional school programmes promoted by Education and Health Departments in Spain.