The ‘Mole’s Veggie Adventure’ App

Mole’s Veggie Adventure was created and tested by the research teams at the Universities of Helsinki, Warsaw and Reading, and NordicEdu, a Finnish software development company. It can be used to aid food education in early childhood education environments e.g pre-schools. The app comes with a downloadable handbook for early educators to guide users through the App. It is available in Finnish, Polish and English.

The App follows Mole’s adventures into seasonal fruit and vegetables to educate young children and inspire them to try new produce. It includes a taste bank where children can record the fruit and vegetables they have eaten that day, which can be used to facilitate group discussion and find out which ones are the group’s favourites. There are games that involve identifying the colours of fruit and vegetables and where they are grown, as well as a collection of activities that can be done in the classroom: taking pictures of things that match the colour and shape of the fruit or vegetable; describing what the child likes about the fruit or vegetable; and a variety of games.

Mole’s Veggie Adventure is available to download NOW and can help you teach young children about fruit and vegetables in a fun and interactive way.