AZTI have been busy with their school activities recently! After doing the activities in the school, AZTI organized some other activities in their facilities in order to work with them some nutritional concepts and to try to encourage them to change wrong perceptions and habits about healthy food. AZTI has a creative space to develop […]

Grupo AN

Please see the links below to find out about some of Grupo AN’s recent activities related to the EIT Food School Network: Fruit in Schools: Painting Competition:

University of Helsinki

Researchers at the University of Helsinki have been busy over the last few months as the first version of the game has now been published and the game has been named ‘Mole minds veggies’. The objectives of the game are to: 1) practise self-regulation (delayed gratification); 2) promote positive mealtime environment and 3) increase the acceptability […]


AZTI and Grupo AN have been busy over the last few months carrying out their work within schools. They have conducted the final demo of the game for primary schools and this has been tested. Using their own language, the app has been developed to assess their food perception, asking them about healthy products, preferences, […]

Queen’s University Belfast

Researchers at Queen’s University Belfast have been busy conducting interviews and discussion groups with key secondary school-related stakeholders across Northern Ireland over the last few months which will help to inform future direction of their work within the EIT Food School Network.