Extras (downloadable)

We have provided a number of links to downloadable content for use by school management, teachers or parents. You can find recommendations about portion sizes and meals for children, and information about school meals and school food standards across the countries in the School Network.

Recommended portion sizes and food groups (English)

12 tips for parents (English) – tips from School Food Matters on improving school food

The School Food Plan (English) – 17 actions to transform school food and education

A summary of school food standards (English)

WRAP – report on food waste in primary and secondary schools (English)

School Food Rocks (Finnish) – an overview of school food

Developing a collaboration between schools and local farms (Finnish)

Healthy Life! (Finnish) – supporting good nutrition and exercise

Exploring School Food (Finnish) – a report for parents

Lesson packs for schools (Finnish) – lesson material for education on livestock production farms from MTK Farm Guides

Where Organic Products Come From (Polish) – information on organic farming and promoting a healthy lifestyle

Meal suggestions for children in kindergarten and school (Polish)