Food waste

One goal of the EIT Food School Network is to investigate food wastage in the school setting. Researchers have carried out focus groups and interviews to gain more information about the issues surrounding school food and waste. Here we have provided some links to websites that focus on food waste in the UK, Finland and Poland; they may be useful for more information or for ideas of activities that could be implemented in schools.

Audit on school waste (UK) – how much does your school waste?

Love Food Hate Waste (UK) – plenty of tips on reducing food waste through correct storage and fridge use

Tips for avoiding food waste from the “Don’t Feed Wastage” project (Finland)

The “Loss Battle 2020” (Finland) – pupils compete to create 2-course meals from shop food waste and mystery ingredients chosen by teachers

EcoMission – a variety of videos and information about food waste (Poland)

Website for the European Week for Waste Reduction