For schools, teachers and parents


The ‘headteacher checklist‘ from the School Food Plan – an easy-to-use resource with specific actions that improve food culture and increase the uptake of school meals

Adopt a School from the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts – offers a classroom-based programme delivered by chefs or hospitality professionals to teach children the basics of food and cookery

School Wellbeing – a range of resources and training to support schools in the area of food and nutrition

Food – a fact of life – this website has a range of resources for teachers including classroom resources and online courses on food and nutrition


National Institute for Education Technologies and Teacher Training – online teacher training courses on food and nutrition for life

School menu review program from the Catalan Public Health Agency

Nutritional advice for school menus – also includes example menus and advice on catering for different ages

Mapfre ‘Living in Health‘ – teacher resources for promoting healthy eating and nutrition habits in children

Recipe videos for cooking with the kids, created by AZTI Tecnalia


A range of food and nutrition education material that can be used by schools and teachers – from Farmers and Housewives and from Public Health

Ruokatieto – teaching material on nutrition, sustainable school meals, and responsibility in the Finnish food chain

Food Education Association – training courses and lectures for primary school teachers

My Choice – a project promoting a healthy lifestyle in young people at school

Terve Koululainen – teaching material for both younger and older children on healthy lifestyles including food and physical activity

Tasty School – tools and educational material for teachers and school management

Taste classes – workshop on the sensory aspects of eating; for a variety of age groups

Take a diploma in School Food – relevant to school and food service staff