School food programmes

Below you will find a list of food and nutrition programmes available to schools in the UK, Spain and Poland – have a browse to see what’s available in your region. Some of the programmes allow schools to enrol and follow a self-assessment tool to achieve ‘healthy school’ status, and some provide information on how to implement a pre-designed programme into the curriculum or school food environment.


Food for Life Schools Award (England)

Fuel Zone (Scotland, predominantly primary schools)

Extended Schools (Northern Ireland, includes breakfast clubs)

Food and Fun (Wales, holiday programme)

Healthy Schools (UK wide) – a self-assessment tool to enable schools to achieve a ‘Healthy School’ status

Green Schools Project (UK wide) – provides resources and support for schools to engage them in environmental projects

Eco Schools (UK wide) – a seven-step framework designed to improve environmental awareness and the school environment

Healthy Schools Rating Scheme (UK wide) – a self-assessment tool designed to help schools improve health and wellbeing


Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition – early childhood education programme

Fruit, vegetables and milk in school – programme for promoting healthy consumption by the Spanish Ministry for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food

A ‘Healthy Lives‘ certification for schools

Initiatives for Healthy Eating in the Basque Country – school canteen guide

Education programmes for different levels of education from the Centre of Food and Gastronomy

Healthy Breakfast and Oral Hygiene programme in primary schools (Madrid)

Energy to Grow – educational programme to support healthy eating


We Eat Well with School on a Fork – includes lesson plans and work cards; primary schools

Keep in Shape! – promoting balanced nutrition and physical activity


*images from the European Commission factsheets