Useful websites – Finland

Below is a list of websites where you can find lots of information about school food and healthy eating in Finland. Many have downloadable content but we have included separate links for some of the most useful in the ‘Downloadable‘ section.

RuotaTutka – includes a variety of nutrition-based games and activities for children

Missä Leipä Kasvaa (Where the bread grows) – find out about the role of bread in a healthy diet

TOP-tehtävät – recipes and information for cooking and baking snacks and meals

Viljely Leiri (Cultivation camp) – camps and clubs for children to learn about gardening and growing food

Yhteishyva – a huge variety of recipes to get kids cooking

Food Schools – camps for children aged 8-12 that include farm visits, cooking, exercise and eating together

Ässäkokit (Ace Cooks) – cooking courses for children

Neuvokas perhe – information and recipes for parents to increase fruit and vegetable consumption in children, and shopping, cooking and eating as a family

Carrot Revolution – online and offline content to education and engage children in food and cooking