Useful websites – Poland

Below is a list of websites (and some videos) where you can find lots of information about school food and healthy eating in Poland. Many have downloadable content but we have included separate links for some of the most useful in the ‘Downloadable‘ section.

National Centre for Nutritional Education – information about snacking, fruit and vegetables and other food groups, and trying new foods

Szkoła na Widelcu (School on a Fork) – cooking classes and workshops, as well as healthy eating information and recipes

Vegetitian – information about vegetarian and vegan diets in children

Adventures of Ola and Staś – a video series for children on nutrition from the National Centre for Nutrition Education

‘Zdrowice’ is an App for children and adolescents on exercise, fruit and vegetables, and hydration. You can set daily and weekly challenges and learn more about healthy eating and physical activity. Learn more and download here.