Useful websites – Spain

Below is a list of websites where you can find lots of information about school food and healthy eating in Spain.

Nutriplato – an interactive website about food groups and building a healthy plate of food for a child; includes recipes and games

The Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition – information on food safety and a variety of resources for teachers, families and children for learning about nutrition

Healthy Eating Initiatives in the Basque Country – information on initiatives aimed at, for example, increasing fruit and vegetable consumption and reducing salt, fat and sugar consumption

The Watermelon Network (Andalusia) – information for families on the Mediterranean diet, water intake and healthy eating recommendations

D’elikatuz (Centre for Food and Gastronomy) – includes practical guides for healthy eating and physical activity across a range of age groups

Spanish Ministry for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food – this website has information for children, parents and teachers, including games and cooking with the family