Useful websites – UK

Below is a list of websites where you can find lots of information about school food and healthy eating in the UK. Many have downloadable content but we have included separate links for some of the most useful in the ‘Downloadable‘ section.

Change4Life – food facts, recipes and activities to get kids moving

Food – a fact of life – recipes and videos for a range of ages

School Food Matters – a charity based in England working towards improving school meals and supporting food education

safefood – covering the island of Ireland, safefood’s website has food safety, healthy eating, recipes and education resources for pre-schools, primary and secondary schools

The School Food Plan – developed in 2013, this resource sets out a detailed plan for improving school food provision. The website includes the plan, additional resources and a ‘what works well’ section

Food Dudes – quizzes and games exploring fruit and vegetables (can be used at home but also implemented in schools)

Cook School – children’s cookery courses and online recipes

Early Start – they provide classroom-based or online courses for parents and teachers, as well as tips and recipes for nutrition in the early years

Henry‘ – provides support for parents and families in early life nutrition