OSCE dilemma sorter: Dilemma 6

In this clip you are the examiner and a candidate has been asked to take a history from a simulated patient who presents with back pain. You observe the following...

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As an examiner how would you manage this situation?

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The simulated patient in this role appears to be 'over the top' and not particularly in pain. They are also releasing lots of information without being asked by the candidate. Thankfully due to simulated patient training and feedback this rarely occurs. However if it does there are a number of actions that you could take:

  1. Prior to the OSCE commencing get to know your simulated patient. At this point it is good to mention if they wouldn't mind you giving feedback on their performance. From surveys of simulated patients they are keen to receive feedback from examiners.
  2. Bring the issue up directly with the patient in the one minute reading time and take this into consideration with that student's marks.
  3. Mention the issue to invigilator.