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This is a prototype of a story-based learning resource to provide 1st year medical students at Queen’s University Belfast with an introduction to key concepts around patient safety and patient experience. The GMC document Good Medical Practice will be used as reference point for this story.

The aim of this resource is to provide an opportunity for 1st year medical students to engage with patient safety and patient experience issues by making them part of a story and allowing them to make their own decisions and form their own conjectures related to the events of the story.It is hoped that this 1st year students will become more invested in learning about patient safety and patient experience issues this way, rather than through lecture format delivering factual information and statistics alone (although this type of information will feature in the “answers” to the questions posed to the students).

This project was devised by Dr Nigel Hart & Clare Thomson and was researched and written by Ashley Carvalho (Medical Student) as part of the 2014 Summer Studentship Programme in the Centre for Medical Education at Queen’s University Belfast. Extra direction was given by Dr Mairead Corrigan and Dr Jenny Johnston.