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MITS: Making Insulin Treatment Safer


HHelping to improve the experiences of in-patients on insulin by empowering prescribers.

Thank you for visiting the MITS page. MITS (Making Insulin Treatment Safer) is a service evaluation project funded by the HSC R & D Board and Health Foundation

What is MITS?

This project aims to improve the experiences of patients on insulin in hospitals, the education of foundation trainees who write most of their insulin prescriptions, and the appropriateness of the prescriptions they write. It will empower foundation trainees to:

  • Handle the inherent complexity and uncertainty of prescribing insulin
  • Work well with members of different disciplines and different levels of seniority
  • Respect patients' right to be involved in their own care
  • Access and make good use of other people and information sources


We are training pharmacists, doctors, nurses and people with diabetes to become debriefers. These debriefers will be able to conduct case based discussions with foundation trainees about their insulin prescribing, which can be signed off on the doctor's ePortfolio. There are trained debriefers in every Trust and every foundation trainee in Northern Ireland will have an opportunity to avail of these if they wish. If you are a foundation trainee and would like to arrange a CBD, or would like to become a MITS debriefer please contact a debriefer in your Trust. (docs/implementer_contact.pdf) or Deborah Millar

MITS Documents

Northern Ireland foundation trainee?

If you are a Northern Ireland foundation trainee you can access the Queen's University Medical Education Portal where there is an excellent resource on insulin prescribing within Year 5.

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