Welcome Week: 16-20 September 2019


Time Event Staff Venue
  Briefing Session Dr C O'Gorman (Chair) PFC/0G/024
9.00-10.00 Year 1 Module Introductions Dr C O’Gorman (Chair) PFC/0G/024
  MED1012 Personal & Professional Development Portfolio Dr M Corrigan PFC/0G/024
  MED1023 Principles of Disease & Treatment 1 Dr D Bell/Dr D Brazil PFC/0G/024
  MED1024 Anatomical Basis of Clinical Practice 1 Dr A Keane/Dr A Al-Modhefer PFC/0G/024
  MED1025 People & Populations 1 Dr M Corrigan/Prof F Kee PFC/0G/024
  MED1026 Clinical & Professional Skills 1 Dr F McGrady PFC/0G/024
  MED1027 Physiological Basis of Clinical Practice 1 Dr E Tansey PFC/0G/024
  MED1021 Student Selected Components Dr V Crawford PFC/0G/024
  Development Weeks Dr M Williams PFC/0G/024
  Medical Education Portal/Canvas Ms D Casement PFC/0G/024
10.00-10.30 B R E A K
10.30 Introduction to Computing Facilities and Social Media Mr P Brannigan PFC/0G/024
10.40 "Homework Clubs" Volunteer SU, Students Union Ms V Courtney PFC/0G/024
10.50 Student Union Services Student Representative PFC/0G/024
11.00 Living in the Community Ms R Rankin/Mr D Corbett PFC/0G/024
11.20 Developing Language Skills Mr T Smith/ Dr L Wang PFC/0G/024
11.40 Graduate Student Session (Graduates only remain) Ms M Boohan PFC/0G/024
12.00 B R E A K
1.00 Students from Outside Northern Ireland Briefing Ms M Boohan MBC/0G/046NT